The Venerable Douglas DC-8 by Tony Gothard

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My first flying lesson this page.

September 11th 2001 has changed forever any aviation related hobby.

First certified on 31st August 1959. Click on image to view full size.

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45252 XA-DOE wfu Marana Photo by AirNikon

The last aircraft was delivered to SAS on 17th May 1972

Where are they stored?

Manila 2 Ex Philippine Airlines wfu.

Total built 556 (2 DC8-10, 49 DC8-20, 52 DC8-30, 29 DC8-40, 162 DC8-50, 262 DC8-60) from 1960 - 1972.
Total in Service 259,Total out of Service 39, Total W/OFF 81, Scrapped 175, Preserved 2.
60 Series Max Cruising 600mph @ 30,000ft, Economic Cruise 523mph, range with max payload 4,500 miles(7242km)
McDonnell Douglas DC- 8

I will try to keep tabs on all current models and will post these to:-

C/N 45252-45750 this page.

C/N 45751-45899 this page.

C/N 45900-45950 this page.

C/N 45951-45999 this page.

C/N 46001-46079 this page.

C/N 46080-46109 this page.

C/N 46110-46159 this page.

Trip Reports and Fleet Lists this page PLUS FINE AIR PRESS RELEASE 27/09/2000.

Production List this page.(Not Complete)

South Africa Photos.

DC-8 For Sale $1.8million June 2001.

Notes that may interest someone this page.Changing this page to Sports Grounds I have visited . I have a new ambition to photograph and visit all 92 English Football League Clubs.

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Last Updated 20/09/2012.

Many thanks to all, who have contributed the 180+ photo's to this site.

Gone but not forgotten this page.To the Scrapman and Written Off.

Con No. 45900 onwards this page.

NASA Video this page two video clips worth the download time if you like to see flying examples..

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Other sites that may interest you No More Underlining site

AirNikon Thanks Mike

AirNikon If you want to knowHOWand with what, this is the site!!!!

Here's a few more links

Places to visit with a better than even chance of seeing these magnificent creations:-

Manston, Kent UK MK Cargo

East Midlands Evening Cargo Flights Weekdays DHL

Lasham UK Maintenance

Stansted UK Ad-hoc.

Louisville/Standiford Field (KSDF). UPS is the largest DC-8 operator in the world with 49 71/73 varients in service. Louisville is the main airhub for UPS.

Detroit Willow Run all the stored Zantop DC8, Electra and Convair fleets etc.

Smyrna.Maintenance and Storage. Smyrna (TN) 31/1/2000 (1615-1650hrs local): Zipping in and out of the gaps between hangars and then driving down to the storage end of the airfield allowed these to be logged N865F//N921R//N951R//N957R//N959R DC8 Emery N991CF//N992CF//N994CF//N995CF//N998CF DC8 Emery N42086 DC8 All white, no titles With thanks to Es.
Seen on 12.12/00 by Brit Car N991CF(Minus Rudder) N992CF, N957R, N998CF, N964R & 42086.

Miami Int. Need I say more!!!!

Dayton, Ohio (8/10/99) Emery DC-8's N8084U, 603AL, 964R, 795FT, 801GP, 796AL, 996CF, 8177U, 865F, 870TV, 8091U, 500MH. A total of 13 DC-8's on the deck at once!

Wilmington, Ohio (2/11/99) Airborne Express DC-8's N804AX, 808AX, 812AX, 813AX, 814AX, 825AX, 846AX.

Toledo, Ohio Hub of BAX Global.

Thanks to everyone who has assisted with info for this site.

Production and specification details.

45915 N824E 71F Delta Airlnes (74K bytes) by Bill Hough.
This is one of my favourites, Thanks Bill.

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